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Precision machined components

Product Introduction

Machining is a process in the manufacture of metal products that cuts raw material into desired shapes and sizes. Most machining is done by CNC lathe and milling machine, which is programmed to operate product design, manufacture and shaping. The three most common CNC machining technologies are lathing, drilling and milling. Other processes include grinding, shaping, planning, boring, broaching and sawing.

  • Lathing: an operation that rotates the material against the drill bits or cutters in the circular path to shape the machining components. It is usually done by lathe machines.
  • Drilling: an operation that spins and moves the drill bits or cutters into contact with the stationary workpiece. It is primarily done by drill machines, but sometimes by lathes or mills.
  • Milling: an operation that involves the use of rotating cutting tool to remove material from the workpiece into a desired shape. It is usually done by milling machines.
  • Grinding: a final step of machining that applies a stone-grinding or polishing wheels to create a smooth surface or a sharpened edge of the product.
  • Any industries
  • Manufacture any components based on custom design and specifications
  • Provide professional consulting in design adjustments
  • Accept custom orders for small quantities