Product Name : Metal Stamping Dies
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Stamping dies

Product Introduction

General sheet metal stamping process includes plate cutting into due form, blanking, punching, bending, flanging, embossing, coining and forming, etc. Depending on required procedures, one or multiple die stations might be needed for single or multiple operations to finish workpieces.

Many of our competitors purchase sheet metal stamping dies from professional die manufacturers. Our business stands out with advantages of die set R&D facilities and capabilities. In addition to sheet metal stamping operations, we also help customers design and manufacture metal stamping dies.

Our professional staff can help you design intricate sheet metal stamping die sets. It is our continuous goal to assist you in improving productive efficiency and reducing production costs.

  • Single Stage Dies
  • Multi-single Stage Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Professional in-house die set design experts and facilities
  • High prevision and quality design capabilities
  • Top quality metal material
  • Highest standard of quality control