Product Name : Multislide Stamping Components
Product Description

Products showcase:

EMI spring contacts (also known as spring fingers, EMI contact fingers, SMD EMI fingers, antenna contacts, grounding springs, shielding fingers), electrical contacts, connector, antenna, switch hardware, automobile components, metal clips, hose clamps, 3D wire forms, high precision metal stamping components, fourslide stamping components, etc. 

Product Introduction

Most metal sheet components can be manufactured with stamping press, which allows speedy mass production. The development of die set, however, could cost more. If expensive metal sheet is used for manufacture, the scrap metal punched away after stamping could cause additional waste of raw material cost. Furthermore, highly complex shapes and bends cannot be completed due to the limitation of up-down stroke in a vertical motion. In order to overcome these challenges, we apply multislide stamping machinery that combines straightener, stamping press unit and sliding tools including shafts, cams and slides. By using the material of the same width as the desired workpiece, the operation allows the feeds to be leveled by the straightener and then transferred to the stamping press and later be bended and shaped by forming tools. The forming tools are installed on several slides driven by cams on shafts that move continuously to complete production. Integrating stamping and forming operations, this versatile application solves the problems of single-motion stamping press and works ideally for 3D components and high precision miniature products made of expensive raw material. This operation applies to wire forming as well except that it does not require the stamping process.

We develop stamping and forming tools based on customers’ specifications in the manufacture of high precision wire forming and metal stamping components. With CCD monitoring device, we also guarantee high yield rate and top quality.

  • Commercial Hardware
  • Control Panel Components
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Machine and Instrument Industries
  • Lighting Industry
  • Military and Defense Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace and Aviation Industries
  • Stationery Industry
  • Reduce scrap material and optimize use of raw material
  • Lower cost for die set development which allows production of high precision miniature stamping components
  • Expertise in the manufacture of miniature stamping components
  • Highest quality guaranteed with CCD device
  • Accept orders of small quantities in prototypes
  • Additional services include plating, welding, tapping and assembly