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Multi-Slide Sheet Metal Forming Parts

Sheet Metal Forming Parts

In addition to our use of stamping press to manufacture sheet metal forming parts, we also utilize multi-slide sheet metal stamping as a cost-effective alternative to produce high-quality, high-precision sheet metal forming parts and wire forming parts. Multi-slide metal stamping machines are very versatile tools that can work in three planes and can incorporate external devices for the operation of automated assembly. As both production methods have their respective advantages, we would offer our customers the best solutions based on their individual requirements.

Multi-slide stamping machines operate by sending materials to the stamping station where the feeds are leveled by a straightener and then transferred to the forming station. The forming tools are installed on the slides driven by cams and shafts where the feeds are sent to several fixed-positioned forming slides that move continuously in the arranged order to complete bending and shaping until the feeds are formed into desired shapes. With its versatile and productive functions, this stamping method applies forming tools that can be designed and installed based on unique requirements and specifications of the customers. It provides reliable solutions when complex forming motions are required including over 90 degrees bends, multiple curves, twists, threaded holes drills and cylindrical forms, etc.

Multi-sliding forming process has the following advantages:
1. Contrary to the stamping press, multi-slide stamping can make full use of the material based on the specific measurements of the finished products, which could reduce the amount of scrap metal punched away up to 50 to 80 percent. It is the best option when expensive raw materials are required in production.
2. On top of the material being used economically, the number of die sets required in the process also reduces, hence lowering the cost for die set development.
3. This process provide a viable option for intricate 3D components and high precision miniature products that can not be manufactured by the single stroke motion of a stamping press.
4. With integrated value-added technology, multi-slide stamping machines can be connected to external processing devices such as riveting machines, welding machines, and conveyor belts for automated assembly line, which in turn avoid secondary processing and thus save production costs.
5. Besides sheet metal forming parts, additional devices can be added in order to manufacture coiled products or wire forming parts.

Working from both the engineering and supply chain perspectives, we will provide our customers with the best design recommendations based on the function and application required of the components. In the case customers seek alternative solutions, our team would make it a top priority not to compromise mechanical functionality. We will listen to your needs and work with you jointly to overcome any challenges and complete production at the most reasonable cost in a timely manner.