What are so called custom springs?
There are two major categories of springs: stock springs and custom springs. The most common types of stock springs include compression springs, extension springs (tension springs), torsion springs, die springs, disc springs, wave springs and wire forms, which are widely used in various industries. Due to the steady high demands, spring wire diameters, materials and loads can be summarized into a series of standard specifications. Spring manufacturers then make stock springs accordingly in advance to store in the warehouse for customers to purchase the desired numbers right off the shelf. Due to specific designs and particular product specifications of each industry that stock springs cannot satisfy, however, custom springs are required to address special industrial needs especially for new patented products of unique designs and shapes.

What are the applications of custom springs?
There are no specific types or shapes of custom springs given their wide applications. Custom springs are the most economical and cost-efficient option for any device whose operation involves repetitive transfer or release of internal pressure. Large custom springs commonly seen in cruise ships, trains, automobiles while the smallest type such as precision pogo springs are some examples of applications beyond imagination. The most well-known custom springs are those used in valves and shock absorber systems of automobiles. Whereas custom spring connectors such as pogo pins, which are even thinner than a strand of hair, are used in chargers, internal antenna contacts and battery contacts—such that their extensive applications in daily life are unthinkable.

What kinds of surface treatments are available for custom springs? The completion of coiling is the fundamental step of custom spring forming while additional processing is required for surface finishes. The most common surface treatments we offer are:
● Tempering
● Ends grinding
● Powder coating
● Passivation
● Plating
● shot peening
● Electropolishing
● color coding
● Black oxide

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