What is an extension spring?
Extension springs are also known as tension springs. By definition, most extension springs are wire springs with hooks or straight wires on either both ends or one end, while occasionally some extensions springs are finished without additional hooks due to specific requirements. Extension spring bodies have multiple coils that carry a certain amount of tension between them so as to be kept together. When an outer force is exerted to push or pull the coils, an extension spring would absorb and store energy to create a resistance to the force.

What are the types of extension springs?
There are many types of extension springs, which can be classified by the shapes of hooks on the ends. The most basic hook types are side hooks, cross-over center hooks (German and English hooks), machine hooks, semi-circle hooks, ring (full loop) hooks, and extended hooks. The most commonly used materials include carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel, oil-tempered wire, or alloy steel, etc. The main function of the hooks is to facilitate installation, fixation and operation. When hooks are not a preferred option due to product specifications, bolts can be used instead to achieve the same effects.

What are the applications of extension springs?
Used in countless devices or occasions, extension springs play an extremely important role in many industries. They are widely used in electronics, automobiles, construction machinery, national defense, aerospace, railways, windmills, construction, elevators, medical devices, fitness equipment and hand tools, etc. Based on environment requirements, frequency of us and desired spring tolerance, different wire diameters, materials and manufacturing processes can be selected to achieve the purpose of its application.

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