Prototype springs

What is a prototype spring?
After constant discussions and design revisions in the initial stage of new product development, engineers complete drafting the prototype and then manufacture components accordingly to be assembled as a device module or prototype. This prototyping process, as its name suggests, is essential for any new device or equipment development, which requires a series of testing and modifications before a prototype can be turned into a commodity. When prototype springs are to to be used in such scenarios, the spring design could be adjusted due to the overall changes in device design.

How are prototype springs manufactured?
Same as that of general machined parts, the manufacture of prototype springs is mostly done by machines. This process requires the installation of tools and computer programming, which depend heavily on abundant experience of engineers. Different levels of complexity in product design could affect the time needed for completing the manufacture of prototype springs. In order to produce the springs that meet the tolerance standard, all the above-mentioned factors must be taken into account. Given relatively lower demand for prototype springs in the market, the unit cost for spring production is usually higher as it involves the same process of general spring production whose standard procedures cannot be omitted due to smaller quantities.

What are the applications of prototype springs?
New product development is usually initiated with drafting design and module prototyping, followed by a series of modifications and reproductions to meet all requirements. Before final products can be presented for any industrial applications, all components including prototype springs must be produced in small quantities for repeated testing and verifications.

How to choose a prototype spring?
Spring machines are used to manufacture prototype springs to achieve the goals of stability, speed and consistency, whereas spring manufacture still largely relies on the skills of engineers. New product development starts with prototyping which usually requires production of parts in small quantities, in which case machine manufacturing may not be the only option given cost considerations. Taking such concerns of our clients seriously, Oscar Precision always provides the most viable solutions that serve our clients’ best interests. If you would like to seek professional consultation concerning prototype springs, please do not hesitate to contact Oscar Precision at sales@oscarprecision.com.