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What is a compression spring
Compression springs are made of elastic wires wound along the axis with pitches between each coil. These pitches help the elastic wires absorb, store and release forces along the direction of its central axis. Compression springs are the most common type of springs used to enhance product functionality. When pressure is applied to condense an open-coil helical spring, it produces a compressive force to resist it while trying to restore back to its original length and position. Simply put, when compression springs withstand outer force exerted to them, they store a great deal of energy until it is eventually released.

Applications of compression springs
Compression springs are the most widely used type of springs, ranging from large stamping machines, home appliances, furniture, automobiles to medical devices, mobile phones, electronic devices, instruments, etc. Taking electronic devices as an example, compression springs are used in contact buttons and battery holders. With wire diameters from less than 0.1mm to more than 50mm, compression springs offer the widest range of wire diameters options among all spring types.

Assembly of compression springs
These helical springs can work independently, commonly installed in the holes or on the guide rods, with open coils maintaining the longest free length with zero load. We design and manufacture compression springs of various sizes and configurations for a wide range of applications and industries. With exceptional production capacity, we offer all sorts of materials for selection and accept custom orders for compression springs of any lengths, ends and pitch configurations.