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Prototype Stamping

Prototyping helps engineers put design ideas into practice and ensures product accuracy before mass production. The initial stage of product design is not an easy task. As factors such as shape, size, material, tolerance, and precision of each component play crucial rolls to achieve success, various issues need to be resolved such as compatibility of all the factors and optimization of product functionality. Through creating prototype dies in a small quantity, design engineers can react quickly to changes in plans and make as many modifications as necessary to finalize production in the most reliable and economical way.

As a professional engineering team, our stamping tool and die design department collaborates with manufacturing department to create die cast prototypes. In the early stage of die set design, we always consider the needs for future modifications, which in most cases, can be easily done if the part requires adjustments. We can work with you to rapidly modify the die set based on the prototype test results. Our highly experienced team can also offer expertise in reserve engineering, restoration and tooling development when our customers need to manufacture replacement stamping parts.

We listen attentively to customer needs, assist customers in creating prototypes, and provide the most cost-effective solutions for stamping parts production. Based on customers designs in any native format or samples under development, we provide highly efficient metal stamping services to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. If you would like more information about our metal stamping and prototype stamping capabilities and range of services, please do not hesitate to contact us.