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What is a torsion spring
A torsion spring is a component made of elastic steel wire. Its production involves winding movement to shape the spring body into a helical coil while leaving the two ends as straight legs or straight offset legs that can be attached to other parts. When these attached parts rotate around the center of the spring, external force is concurrently exerted onto the spring. When the spring is subjected to bending stress, it will try to push back to its original position—such torsion characteristic can be used for energy storage and release. Common types of torsion springs include single torsion springs and double torsion springs. As the names suggest, single torsion springs have only one single helical body. Whereas double torsion springs consist of one right-handed and one left-handed coil section connected to each other paralleled, to achieve the operation requirements, whose total torque produced being the sum exerted on both springs.

Applications of torsion springs
Torsion springs have a wide range of applications. The most appropriate wire diameters should be decided in accordance with their respective applications and requirements. Small-diameter springs are often used in electrical equipment while heavy-duty springs are more commonly used in automobile, clothespins, garage doors, hinges, etc. A torsion spring has its best performance when it is supported by a mandrel. When external force is exerted, the outer diameter of a spring coil will be compressed, and the length of the straight leg will be longer. When the application space is limited, the engineering designer should take into account all the product characteristics before designing a torsion spring.

Assembly of torsion springs
We use the best winding techniques in precision torsion springs production to ensure the straight ends of a torsion spring remain within very tight tolerances. The two ends of torsion springs are normally straight, but they can be made into special shapes such as short hooks, hinges, square right angles, semicircle arcs, or loops as per special requests of the customers. With advanced facilities and professional expertise, we are confident any requests from the customers can be fully satisfied.